"Mr. Michael Neidorff was our beloved cousin who extended great time and effort in maintaining family ties. Michael was someone who truly cared about others. This is why when he spoke, people listened. He was humble and understanding to others needs and he always knew just what to say or do to be effective. Michael always had a bright smile and a wonderful sense of humor. Michael was larger than life. He has had an unusual impact on the community at large, but despite being busy with communal needs, he was a real family man. He would always put his family first and was truly beloved by one and all. He was a devoted son to his parents and his in laws, and he always had the loyal dedication of his wife Noemi who was a complete partner to him in all of his communal work. He was someone that everyone admired, looked up to and truly miss today and always. May his wife Noemi be blessed with good health and happiness and may she and all of us who knew and loved Michael, bask in the wonderful memories of this extraordinary man."