"I have been very blessed to have had some very, very good people in my life but nobody was ever kinder or better to me than Michael F. Neidorff. I am a former United States Marine. The highest award that the Marine Corps gives to individuals who have helped our active duty Marines and their children achieve the dream of a college education is the Semper Fidelis Award. I am proud and honored to say that the Semper Fidelis Award was presented to Michael Neidorff in 2015. Semper Fidelis is the oath every Marine takes. It's a simple Latin phrase that means: "Always Faithful", but it is an oath that has no expiration date. It's how Marines are supposed to live our lives. Michael Neidorff was "Always Faithful" to his beautiful wife Noemi, his children Monica and Peter, and to all of us who were blessed to have been drawn into his solar system. So Michael I offer this salutation to you in the highest traditions of the United Staes Marine Corps 'Semper Fidelis Boss'"