"I love to tell new people on pour team when asked about Mr. Neidorff I was new to the company about 2 weeks, I went to the cafeteria to get some breakfast and I talked with this man at the fruit buffet and in line. We talked for only about 5 mins but he was amazing, energetic, enthusiastic, and very, very cheerful. Appeared to be so interested in what I was talking about. We went our separate ways and when I got back to my desk i told my co-worker about "the cutest little man I just ran into" Keith asked me to describe him and I did. He then proceeded to pull up a picture of Mr. Neidorff and asked if that was him. I was shocked to say the least because it was just a causal conversation with who I thought was the nicest i had run into in a long time, then of course I went through my conversation with him in my head to be sure I did not say anything stupid, HAHA. He never once made me feel as if he was superior to me, just another random polite, lovely person that he was. I will remember that moment the rest of my life"