"Among so many memories, one of my favorites relates to a day that I made a short-notice visit to have lunch with Michael. This was shortly after Centene opened their service center in Ferguson. I was in Chicago, and had some unscheduled time. I called, and Michael confirmed that he would be available the next day. I arrived at STL, and jumped in a taxi. I told the driver I was heading to 7700 Forsyth. The driver told me that I must be going to Centene, and I confirmed that he was correct. The taxi driver's next comment was "that's what the world needs more." I asked him to clarify, and he was quite specific: he said we needed more Michael Neidorffs. I immediately knew that my driver was expressing his respect for Michael's leadership in the wake of the horrible events that occurred in Ferguson, and how he wanted to make some type of statement to the people who lived there. I told the driver that I understood his comment, but privately I just felt proud to know Michael. His genuine concern always rested with those in need and people who are less fortunate. Alav hashalom."