"I want to extend my heartfelt support to Noemi and all of Michael's loved ones. Michael and Noemi welcomed me and our family to St. Louis. They created a warm circle of support and connection as we engaged with our new home community. Michael provided wise counsel to me and colleagues at the Brown School at WashU. Not only did Michael and Noemi invest in supporting the deanship, but Michael became a calm advisor as we grappled with a pandemic, while continuing to fulfill our commitment to impactful scholarship, education and community partnerships. Michael proactively sent me articles and notes for consideration. He also cared a great deal for our graduate students in social work, public health and social policy and helped us to craft bold goals for student support. He invested in platforms for rapidly translating new knowledge to improve the health of those in our region and nationally. He was generous, wise and challenging. I could not be more grateful for his support!"