"I came to know Michael through the medical community-I am not one of his business associates. After getting acquainted, it didn't take too long before I knew this guy was going to be a friend. It's sometimes difficult to get to business when you're sitting there telling jokes with Yiddish punchlines! I could go on and on about Michael's generosity, but instead there's another side to that. Michael knew I am an oenophile so if he had a particularly nice bottle he would drive over to my house and gift it to me. Generous, right? What was worth the price of admission, however, was seeing the look on HIS face when he saw the look on MY face-he beamed in pure joy; he was thrilled to make me happy. Michael was one of a kind- a nice Jewish boy from Altoona who made good; but in the end, he was still always that nice Jewish boy."