"There are so many happy memories of Michael that I hold in my mind's eye and heart, but one that I will always carry with me was a simple gesture that epitomizes his care and kindness. It took place in the late 80's, I believe, just as mobile phones were a novelty and coming on the market. Before traveling to my parents' home in Kansas the day before Thanksgiving, I stopped at Noemi and Michael's home on Overhills Drive to wish them a happy holiday. As I was leaving, Michael asked what my plans were if the weather turned bad or if I had car trouble on the road. I shrugged and just said that I'm sure I wouldn't have trouble and that I would be fine. Michael was not satisfied with my answer, and he immediately handed me his mobile phone to take with me. "If you have car trouble or run into bad weather, just use this phone. I insist!" Refusing his kind offer was not an option, and so on that Thanksgiving holiday I traveled with a little more confidence knowing that I would make it safely to my destination. And yes, I returned the phone! Thank you, Michael, for your care, friendship, humor, brilliance, warmth, and that quintessential Michael Neidorff smile, all of which is sorely, sorely missed."